14 Players Invited to GA Frontier Conference Talent ID Event

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Frontier Talent ID Event

LATDP Elite had 14 players from the 2007 – 2010 age groups who were invited to the Girls Academy Frontier Conference Talent ID Event. Players will experience classroom sessions, on-field training exercises, and full-game environments for on-and off-field experiential learning.

Each conference in the GA hosts an invite-only ID event held over one weekend per year. Stand-out players at Regional Talent ID events may be selected to participate in National Talent ID events. Participating players across all Talent ID events will be evaluated using the same rating scale.

2007 GIRLS

Libba Daniels

Mary Frances Bourg

Vivian Real

2008 GIRLS

Avery Papania

Isabella Zuniga

Shealan Biniam

Chloe Bunton

2009 GIRLS

Adelynn Grace McDaniel

Camille Toussant

Sydney Bonnecaze

Savannah Mitchell

Ella Kate Johnston

2010 GIRLS

Alden St. Amant

London Ulmer